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iOS 4.3.4 Jailbreak Comes Days After Release, Except For iPad 2

Adding more to the worries of the iPhone maker, a recent firmware update from Apple which claimed to have fixed the loophole that allowed hackers to jailbreak Apple devices, has itself been jailbroken. Though unfortunately the tool does not yet work for the iPad 2.

The latest jailbreak, a tutorial of which can be found on tech website Redmond Pie, comes after Apple unveiled the firmware update (version 4.3.4) only a few days back, in the first week of this month.

Hackers have only managed to provide a tethered jailbreak for the update, a browser-based version of the iOS 4.3.4 jailbreak is not yet available.

Apple launched the update earlier this month following the release of an updated version of the website called JailbreakMe by three iOS hackers, which offered jailbreaking services for virtually all available iOS devices on the market including the new Apple iPad 2, which was considered by many as impossible to break in to, due to the absence of any available bootrom loophole in its A5 chip.

“The Web-based jailbreak simply required users to hit up the site on their iOS-based device,” David Murphy of the technology site PC Mag wrote.

“An exploit in the way iOS renders PDF files would open up the keys to the digital kingdom for a user's device, jailbreaking the handheld or tablet and automatically installing the third-party app store Cydia,” he added.