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Will iPhone 5 Have Considerably Reduced Form Factor?

With Apple's iPhone 5 most likely to be released this Autumn, in September to be more exact, asked Kyle Wiens (opens in new tab) of iFixit his opinion on what the iPhone 5 will look like.

iFixit is a website providing repair manuals and advice forums, where Wiens along with his team are among the first ones to tear apart Macs, iPhones, iPods and iPads and to take a sneak inside. Since Wiens's predictions on iPad 2 proved to be pretty accurate, he was asked about the soon to be released iPhone 5.

In Wiens's opinion, the design will be more similar to that of the iPhone 3GS, and not that of iPhone 4. The high breakage rate of the iPhone 4's back glass will probably lead to a change in design, using plastic or carbon fiber, aiming to avoid high service costs in the future, Wiens argues.

He also claims that the screen will most likely be thinner by around 0.1 mm, enabling a larger display closer to the edge - or Apple could have a narrower phone and keep the same screen size. Even if decrease in size will bring along a reduction of the battery size by 20%, the battery life will remain the same due to more efficient chipsets.

Adding 4G capability would really take its toll on the battery, so he expects that won't be included.

Referring to the performance of iPhone 5, Wiens believes we will see an incremental speed improvement, while keeping the same power consumption.

"Everything will probably get 20% better," Wiens suggests. Which could allow Apple to dramatically reduce the form factor. If the design is brand new then the new iPhone will be referred to as iPhone 5 and not 4S as has been rumoured, he concludes. It makes sense that the iPhone 5 will come out around the same time as iOS 5.

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