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Microsoft Contribution Amongst Top Five Towards Linux 3.0 Development

According to a new revelation by the Linux Weekly News, Windows maker Microsoft Corp. is amongst the top five corporate contributors to the Linux 3.0 platform.

The report by the Linux Weekly, which is currently available only to subscribers, has placed Microsoft at the fifth position, and the software juggernaut is lagging behind only Red Hat, Intel, Novell and IBM who have secured the top 4 positions respectively in the list of the top corporate contributors to the Linux 3.0.

The credit, for Microsoft being in the list of top 5 contributors primarily goes to the company’s well known developer K. Y. Srinivasan, who played a major role in improving Linux. However, according to industry experts, neither Microsoft nor Mr. Srinivasan is making these contributions for their love to the open source platform, but for their own interests.

“The vast bulk of Microsoft’s contributions has been to its own Hyper-V virtualization hypervisor drivers. Hyper-V is Microsoft’s 64-bit hypervisor-based virtualization system,” wrote Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols of ZDNet in his report.

“Hyper-V is Microsoft’s 64-bit hypervisor-based virtualization system. It’s Microsoft’s answer to VMware and Linux’s own native Kernel-based Virtualization Manager (KVM),” he added.