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It might not mean much but Microsoft has just registered the domain name as well as, something that some have speculated may mean a common console product from two of the biggest players in the market, but the truth might be a bit less exciting.

One of them currently redirects to a 404 page while the other goes to a Bing search results page. The most likely explanation is that Sony Ericsson which is a joint venture between Sony and Ericsson will launch a Windows Phone handset soon, betting, like LG, on both Windows and Android.

But then, as some have suggested, why not register microsoft-sonyericsson or sonyericsson-microsoft instead? Rumours indicate that Sony Ericsson may decide to launch a Windows Phone edition of its Android-based Xperia Neo with the same 4-inch screen as well as a QWERTY slide-out keyboard.

On the other hand, the acquisition of both domains may point to a forthcoming joint announcement from the two companies. Firms usually buy domain names with their own trademarks in order to get on top of search engine results page quickly and the fact that Sony's name is included means that the Japanese corporation has given its agreement to the purchase (or Microsoft would be in a very precarious situation).

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