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Motorola Looking To Launch 10-inch iPad 2 Rival?

Motorola is rumoured to be looking at a 10-inch successor to the XOOM, one with a much higher screen resolution, which would be a direct competitor to the successor to the iPad 2.

Why Motorola would try to get a followup to the XOOM so quickly remains a mystery. However, Android Community's Shane McGlaun reckons that the new tablet will be powered by Android 4.0, otherwise known as Ice Cream Sandwich, and may be one of the first tablets to feature the quad-core Nvidia Tegra 3 SoC.

Surprisingly, the tablet is rumoured to come with a 2048x1536 pixel screen which is more than three times the minimum screen resolution required by Honeycomb.

Interestingly, that new XOOM tablet is said to come with a 4:3 screen format which differs from the 16:10 form factor embraced by the rest of the Android tablet community. Will Honeycomb ever adopt a 4:3 screen ratio given that most Android handsets and tablets stick to 16:9?

The tablet is expected to use the same chassis as the current Motorola XOOM tablet and be launched either towards the end of 2011 or at the beginning of 2012, just in time for CES 2012 and MWC 2012.

Whether it will complement or replace the XOOM completely remains to be seen. Another determining factor will be how expensive that tablet will be.