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New Leaked Images Of Apple's iPhone 4GS In China

Whilst they can't be verified as authentic, these latest leaked images should get the attention of anyone eagerly awaiting the next iPhone model.

Take a look at the iPhone 4GS/4S prototype images, posted on Weibo, China's Twitter service. Although there is nothing designating the purported prototype as the iPhone 4S or iPhone 5, many are referring to it as the iPhone 4GS, an improved version of iPhone 4.

The images show a test iPhone 4GS, with a 5-megapixel camera on the back. Also, several photos show the prototype's interface and the iTunes profile, which seems a bit different than that of its predecessor. All in all, according to the images, the prototype is similar to the current iPhone 4.

The images have been made public by, which has proved to be a fairly reliable source in the past. Even if the smartphone's name is not official yet, we are more than pleased to take a sneak peak at the leaked images and get an idea of how the next iPhone might look, regardless of its name.

There have been some recent reports that Apple has been having overheating problems whilst trying to accomodate the A5 processor within the iPhone 5 chassis. It has been suggested that the iPhone 5 might then be delayed until the A6 cpu is ready next year, and a 4S or 4GS might be launched in the meantime this Autumn.

Some rumours even say that Apple's next generation smartphone is being tested in disguise, so who knows?