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SeaMicro Launches Atom Server With 768 Cores

SeaMicro has updated its high-density server range with the new SM1000-64HD, a 10u chassis that crams 768 Intel Atom cores, up from the 512 found on the previous product.

The 50 per cent increase has been achieved by placing six Atom N570 CPUs or 12 cores on one server board and maintaining its clockspeed at 1.67GHz (with a TDP per core of 4.25W).

Interestingly, a 50 per cent CPU count increase has been accompanied by a 75 per cent rise in power consumption, from 2KW to 3.5KW. A standard 14KW rack will therefore have enough space (and juice) to accommodate a whopping 3072 Atom cores; interestingly, the combined TDP of these cores is just over 13KW.

This, SeaMicro says, is enough to replace 60 traditional servers, four set of rack switches, four terminal servers and a load balancer which means that it takes less than a sixth of the space and consumes a quarter of the power without the need to modify any software.

The SM1000-64HD starts from $237,000 and should pay for itself faster than most other traditional servers. Furthermore, SeaMicro hasn't discounted the possibility of using other processors which may include the AMD Fusion, Intel's own Sandy Bridge or Xeon platforms and even the myriad of ARM-based solutions currently on the market.