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Spanish Court Declares P2P Indexing Sites Legal

A ruling handed down by a Spanish court has legitimised P2P indexing sites in Spain at least.

Thinq_ reports that lawyers for the say the victory provides final confirmation that sites linking to copyrighted files rather than hosting them should be safe from prosecution.

The judge in the case ruled that offering an index of files, and linking to them, was not the same as distribution and that there was nothing in Spanish law as it stands to prevent aggregation sites from operating.

TorrentFreak says the case held in an influential Barcelona court could set a precedent for Spain's intellectual property laws and could even have implications for Europe-wide rulings.

US copyright cops have been clamping down on sites which point to non US sites, often in countries with more relaxed copyright laws and siezing their domain names. More often than not they pop up with the aid of a bit of forwarding jiggery pokery a few hours later.