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Twitter Tries to Woo Bing after Google Fallout

After failing to refresh its search contract with Google, Twitter is hoping to renew its deal with Microsoft’s Bing search engine.

Twitter had lost a contract to make its tweets available on Google’s search engine after the two companies failed to come to terms. Search deals form a significant portion of Twitter’s revenue and it is important that it renews its deal with Microsoft.

According to the sources cited by CNET, Twitter is trying very hard that a deal materialises with Microsoft Bing. A deal will be both beneficial for Bing and Twitter, as Bing is looking to compete with Google Search on a global scale.

The sources say that the two parties are yet to agree on some key areas of the deal like the pricing, the term of the deal, the manner in which the tweets and the Twitter advertisements are placed on Bing and how much share it will get.

These are the very same issues on which Twitter had a fallout with Google, after which, Google had to put the entire real-time search feature offline. The sources reveal that Twitter had never expected Google to walk away from the deal.

“Google likes to have leverage and this, at least in their minds, gives them leverage with Twitter,” one source said, commenting on the launch of Google+.