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28 Percent Britons Accessing Web Through Mobile Devices

More than a quarter of Britons now access the web from their mobile devices, it has been revealed.

According to The Institute of Direct and Digital Marketing, more and more people are turning to their mobile phones to access the web.

IDM’s mobile consultant and digital trainer Rob Thurner said that in the UK, 28 percent people access the internet from their mobile device.

Thurner said that the reason for the rise in mobile devices for internet is that the data cost for accessing the web from mobiles has fallen significantly due to increased competition and cheaper data plans.

“We actually have more Facebook interaction and more regular and longer interaction on mobiles than we do on a PC. At the moment 84 per cent of us are dual screening - which means we're using our mobile while watching TV,” Thurner said.

“With faster processing power, bigger screens and touch screen, we are able to do things on our mobile that ordinarily we would have to wait to do when we were back on the PC,” he added.

The rise in mobile use for accessing the internet is prompting companies to move to expand their presence on the mobile web, developing dedicated mobile websites for their customers.