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70% Of iPhone Owners 'Very Satisfied', Android 50%, RIM 26%

According to a survey carried out by ChangeWave (opens in new tab), between a choice of Android, Apple and Blackberry, 46% of those planning to purchase a smartphone within the next 90 days, said they would opt to buy an iPhone.

Coincidentally or not, Apple is expected to release its next iPhone within that period of time.

The same survey, which polled 4,163 consumers in North America, also measured customer satisfaction based upon Mobile Operating System. Apple's iOS scored the highest mark, with 70% of users declaring themselves very satisfied, followed by Google's Android with 50% and Windows Phone OS with 27%.

The success of the iCloud service and the way it might affect sales was also measured; of the respondents who were both Apple and non-Apple product owners. 29% of the first category said they would be more likely to buy Apple in the future thanks to this service, while 13% of the second category might switch allegiance because of it.

So, how reliable are these surveys? ChangeWave often asks customers about their future intentions and not about concrete facts (as with, say, Nielsen surveys). A similar study in March showed that 44% customers intended to buy an iPhone and 31% an Android phone, whilst a Nielsen study two months later showed that 49% had purchased an Android and only 31% an iPhone.

So, it seems that people's intentions often don't correspond to what they actually do.

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