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Anonymous To Release Sun, News Of The World Emails Today?

After having pwned Rupert Murdoch's flagship news website,, by redirecting its readers to a spoof front page and pilfering its email servers, Anonymous' unofficial mouthpiece, Sabu, has revealed that the group is "sitting on [the sun's & NOTW's] emails" with a press release from Anonymous & possibly more coming in a few hours.

While that website has already been taken down (you can check a screen capture of the web page here (opens in new tab)), the email bounty is likely to be potentially more damaging, with Sabu releasing details of two of the Sun's top three employees, Rebekah Wade and Bill Akass, the former editors of the Sun and News of the World respectively as well as Lee Wells & Danny Rogers, Editorial Support Manager at News International and Sun Online Editorial Manager respectively, as a taster of what's coming next.

In addition, the phone numbers of Pete Picton, the former editor of Sun Online, Harvey Shaw, the Publishing Operations Team Manager, Chris Hampartsoumian, the former Online editor of TimesOnline were also part of the leak on Anonymous' Twitter account (opens in new tab).

Numerous news outlets, many being rivals to the Sun, reported that the internal webmail systems of the Sun have been taken down as a precautionary measure and that passwords have been reset and remote access rescinded temporarily.

Sabu claimed (opens in new tab) that Anonymous managed to get root access on one server while another one was a "buggy [Oracle] Solaris Kernel" which "kept freezing" on them so they had to redirect the site's traffic rather than hack it altogether. He also warns "Media. Federal Contractors. Royal Families" that Anonymous "will be going hard on you".

Désiré Athow

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