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Cloud Provides Elasticity with Cost Savings Says AWS CTO

Online retail giant Amazon’s AWS (Amazon Web Services) chief technology officer Werner Vogels recently talked about innovations, business growth, as well as IT values in the industry, and it was during that time, when the CTO also said that CIOs of today’s companies should be more inclined towards cloud as it adds great value to strategy making.

Mr. Vogels joined the company back in 2004, and ever since he has been emphasising on providing a platform, where upon the company can offer its serves to customers in a retail environment. The idea, however, did not meet with too much of success.

"There was no commercial software that could service to the scale the organisation needed. So we worked to put more rigour into the fundamentals, looking at things like performance, availability and efficiency," Vogels said on a rather nostalgic note, IT World reports.

The CTO also praised Australia for being one of the few countries to eagerly embrace the concept of virtual computing.

"Right now, anything internet-facing is a no-brainer and marketing campaigns are a good example. To support that you need to overscale or use a Cloud service whose elasticity can serve the increase and also cap the overall cost," he added.