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Coms Introduces VoIP Calling App For iPad

UK VoIP services provider Coms has released its app for the Apple iPad, allowing people to make voice calls from their tablet device over an internet connection.

The Coms iPad app is being targeted towards business travellers but general users will be able to make use of the app nonetheless.

The company will allow users to select a UK phone number of their choice and even offers £5 free calling credit. Customers will be able to select from pay-as-you-go plans or monthly subscription plans that start from £5 per month.

Coms said that business travellers will be able to make and receive phone calls whenever they travel abroad by simply connecting to the local Wi-Fi network, allowing them to save on expensive roaming tariffs.

“This new service builds upon the iPhone applications that we launched earlier in the year facilitating the development of the cloud telephony market. It is my belief that fixed line telephony will steadily migrate to cloud based telephony services which offer individuals and businesses increased features and lower call costs,” Richard Bennett, CEO of Coms said.

“Users of this new service can save up to 90% against BT on international calls and up to 77% on UK calls. In addition they get a new landline for free which travels with them, saving £296 against BT,” he added.