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Google Readmits Belgian Newspapers Into Search Results

Search engine giant Google has announced that it will re-index the websites of Belgian newspapers, after they cried fowl of Google for removing their sites from its search engine.

Copiepresse, a consortium of Belgian based newspapers, had filed a copyright infringement lawsuit against Google, for including their news articles on Google News without permission. The newspapers had won the lawsuit and Google was asked to remove the content and pay Euro 25,000 for every violation.

Google interpreted the ruling in its own way and promptly removed every mention of the newspapers' sites not only from Google News but also from Google Search. The newspapers claim that Google was boycotting them due to the lawsuit and that they wanted their content to re-appear on Google Search.

The company had earlier said in a statement that it was complying with the court order and will not include their content until they give their express permission.

“We are delighted that Copiepresse has given us assurances that we can re-include their sites in our Google search index without court-ordered penalties," Google said in a statement.

"We never wanted to take their sites out of our index, but we needed to respect a court order until Copiepresse acted. We remain open to working in collaboration with Copiepresse members in the future," the company added.