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iPad 2 Follow-Up To Have 'Beyond HD' 2,048x1,536 Resolution?

Apple has not yet made an official announcement regarding the release timetable for the iPad 3 or the features it may incorporate, but the latest rumour says that the third generation tablet will bring a massively upgraded display resolution.

The Korea Times gives some specific details about negotiations with LG, with Samsung also in the frame; citing a "source close to the talks", they suggest the resolution will be upgraded from the current 1,920x1,080 pixels to an incredible beyond HD 2,048x1,536 resolution, whilst keeping the same 9.7 inch screen.

Apparently, Apple is undertaking some tests in China, on high resolution displays produced by Samsung and LG. While we don't know for sure which of the two will be chosen, we tend to believe LG has the higher likelihood, given Samsung and Apple's recent turbulent history.

To be more precise, the two companies are presently involved in a legal dispute on patent and trademark infringement. Also, it seems that in the past, just when the two companies were about to team up to bring in AMOLED technology, Apple backed off, claiming that the AMOLED displays are not full HD.

Nevertheless, until any official announcement from Apple, we are not even sure whether the next tablet will be a redesigned, fully upgraded iPad 3 or just an improved version of the iPad 2.

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