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iPhone 4 'Survives' 35,000 Ft Fall

Just imagine a skydiver's surprise when he saw that his iPhone 4 was still working after having fallen from his pocket from 35,000ft to the ground.

Jarod McKinney, a 37-year-old skydiver from Minnesota, reported on CNN (opens in new tab): 'As unbelievable as it sounds, my phone had fallen 35,000ft, and was still sending out a signal.' Apparently, the skydiver had placed the iPhone in his Velcro zipped pocket and realized that the device was missing only after landing on the ground.

Even if he had no hopes of finding his iPhone in one piece and in function, he ran the 'Find my iPhone' app on his iPad and was surprised to see that his iPhone was still emitting a signal. Following the directions, he found the phone still working, the only clue of its long fall being the shattered glass surface.

The news was even more surprising, since no one expected this from iPhone 4, considering the device's reception problems. Following its release in June last year, several users complained about the loss of signal when the device was held 'improperly'. At the time, a press conference held by Steve Jobs was held in iPhone 4's defense.

Who would have thought that one year later the device would prove to be this strong?

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