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ITC Infringement Ruling On HTC, Apple Court Battle Causing Phone Makers To Consider Windows Phone

A Chinese website has highlighted the growing concern that is affecting smartphone vendors in China and South East Asia over the current legal wrangles that are affecting the Android platform.

China-based 21st Century Business Herald (via Digitimes) says that vendors have come up with three strategies to deal with any potential legal Armageddon that might happen in the near future.

This includes supporting Microsoft Windows Phone Mango OS, promoting smartphone customisation by mobile phone carriers (i.e. sharing risks with network operators that already collaborate with Apple and Microsoft) and developing one's own operating system.

The ITC Ruling may cause the cost of adopting Android to go up significantly and could cause Chinese vendors to look for an alternative that doesn't require them to pay royalty fees to Apple or Microsoft.

Vendors however are divided over the fact that Apple or Microsoft won't go after them for now because they haven't reached a critical mass.

But others like GFive Mobile, Lenovo, Huawei or ZTE cannot take such a risk and may have to abandon Google Android altogether to escape Apple's legal team.

The impact of the ITC ruling may also extend to other platforms including tablets, netbooks and everything that's even remotely connected to Android.