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Latest Sony tablet ad hints at PlayStation gaming

Sony has set tongues wagging with the release of a third advert for its incoming tablets, currently codenamed S1 and S2.

The latest instalment of the CGI teaser shows the dual-screen S2 model with what looks to all the world like a second or two of the PS2 version of popular platformer Crash Bandicoot.

Sony has form with squeezing PlayStation compatibility into Android-powered devices with the Xperia Play. And yes, Crash Bandicoot is one of the available games.

Some Android tablets have fallen by the wayside because of their lack of decent entertainment software and Sony's gaming pedigree and games portfolio will obviously give it an advantage over the rest of the pack.

Who knows? We could finally even have a contender to knock Apple and its increasingly annoying iPad from its lofty perch.

Check out the video below and feel free to shout at us about our lack of retro gaming knowledge in the comments further down the page.