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LG nets the professional with new handsets

LG has announced two new Android ‘Gingerbread’ 2.3 mobile phones in the keyboard based Optimus Pro, along with the full-touch screen LG Optimus Net.

The two new handsets fall under Lucky Goldstar’s mantra of offering ‘Android for Everyone’, where these low costing mobiles are the latest additions to the ever growing Optimus range of phones.

Both the LG Optimus Pro and Optimus Net arrive running the current version of the Google mobile phone operating system, in Android 2.3, with enhanced multimedia support, better power management and improved gaming abilities.

The Optimus Pro is the first handset of theirs in a portrait bar format, which is geared up for simple social networking with both a physical Qwerty keyboard and a 2.8-inch touch screen – offering the best of both worlds. The keyboard has been set-up for quick navigation and is said to be ergonomically designed for fast and accurate typing, with dedicated ‘hotkeys’ for email and accessing the calendar conveniently.

LG’s Optimus Net arrives with a 3.2-inch HVGA 320x480 touch screen, with the same 800Mhz processor as the Pro, with NFC and dual SIM capabilities. There is also a single widget on the home-screen that allows for instant access to the most popular social networking portals – under the name of LG Social+. A single click on this app delivers multitasking between updating Facebook status, sending a Tweet and reading feeds from the same screen with one-click photo sharing too.

No prices have been set by LG for the Optimus Pro or Net, although they are expected to be competitively costed and are due this summertime.

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