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Mac OS X Lion to be Launched Tomorrow?

Reports are coming in that Apple has already stocked its Apple Stores with the new Mac OS X Lion and will be installed on showroom computers the same day it is launched to the public.

According to an article on MacRumors, the company has delivered a hard drive with the new Mac software for installing on showroom computers to its retail stores.

Meanwhile, 9to5 is reporting that AppleCare employees are being trained on the new operating system and that their systems are being updated with Lion.

It is still not clear when the company plans to launched the $30 software but Apple Insider claims that the company will launch Mac OS X tomorrow, on Wednesday 8:30 AM on the same day it announces its third quarter financial results.

Having already released the Gold Master version of the OS to developers, the company had announced during its WorldWide Developer Conference that Lion will be launched sometime in July. Reports claim that the Mac OS X Lion is going to include approximately 250 new features.

The OS will first be available for download from the Mac App Store for $30 and after sometime, it will come in a boxed avatar for people with slow download speeds.