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Microsoft's 'Daytona' Cloud Tool Offers Large-Scale Data Processing

Software giant Microsoft is releasing a new data analysis tool for scientists to process huge amounts of research data.

Microsoft’s Daytona tool kit has been designed to allow scientists to run a wide range of analytical and machine learning algorithms on the Microsoft Azure cloud computing platform, in order to process large amounts of research data.

The tool kit was unveiled by Microsoft at the 12th annual Microsoft Research Faculty Summit and is aimed at allowing scientists to cope with the massive amounts of data generated by their research or from elsewhere.

"'Daytona' gives scientists more ways to use the cloud without being tied to one computer or needing detailed knowledge of cloud programming - ultimately letting scientists be scientists," Dan Reed, corporate vice president of the Technology Policy Group at Microsoft, said.

"We're very excited to empower the research community with this enhanced tool kit that will hopefully lead to greater scientific insights as a result of large-scale data analytics capabilities," he added.

Daytona was developed by the eXtreme Computing Group at Microsoft Research and is being touted as Microsoft’s alternative to the Hadoop big data processing platform. The company, a while back, also released the second beta of the LINQ to HPC data processing platform.