Orange & Others Clear Out iPhone 4 To Make Way For iPhone 5

Carphone Warehouse is continuing to offer the iPhone 4 on what is the cheapest iPhone 4 package without the initial fee usually charged by most mobile phone operators.

For example, a 24 month contract costs £35 per month on a two year contract with 600 minutes, unlimited texts and 500MB either from Orange or from Vodafone, that's £100 cheaper than buying from either telecom firm.

In both cases, the deals are exclusive to Carphone Warehouse and its affiliates (, e2save etc).

T-Mobile's fee-free iPhone 4 deal still costs £41, while both Three Mobile and O2 still require the customer to pay an upfront fee before being able to pick up their handsets.

It seems that the operators are starting to cut down on the total cost of ownership for the iPhone 4 as they prepare for the iPhone 5, which is expected to be launched in September.

In addition, we suspect that demand for the iPhone 4 has dropped a tad following the launch of newer and technically better smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S2 and the HTC Sensation which can be had for roughly the same total cost of ownership.

The irony is that the iPhone 4 might live on as the entry level handset, replacing the iPhone 3GS altogether. It packs a single core Apple A4 SoC, a slimline chassis that still makes it one of the sexiest handsets on the market and features the screen with the highest pixel density on the market.