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Rumour: OSX Lion to launch tomorrow

The Apple rumour mill is spinning faster than ever over the release of OSX Lion, the company's first major redesign of its desktop operating system for years.

Secret sources at Mac Rumours have said that Apple has already sent copies of the finished OS to retail stores for training and demo purposes sparking rumours that Lion is imminent, with a possible release pegged as early as tomorrow.

For the first time ever, Macolytes will not have to make the pilgrimage to one of Apple's retail stores to get their hands on the latest iteration as Lion will only be available as a download from the Mac App Store.

Apple sent gold master versions of the software to developers on July 1st, and has promised a July launch for some time, but the exact date has never been formally announced.

Keep an eye out for the traditional 'back soon' sticky on the Apple web site which should go up around 4pm UK time if the mill is to be believed.

Lion is expected to converge all the best bits of Apple's mobile operating system iOS with the existing Snow Leopard OSX, so expect lots of touch gestures and simplified interfaces, as well as an avalanche of complaints from hard-core users users who don't like the dumbing down.

The 4GB download will cost £21, won't come in a box, and will have to be paired with either a Magic Trackpad or Magic Mouse if you want to play with all of its new bells and whistles.

If things don't pan out and the launch doesn't happen tomorrow, you can sign up for an email alert here.