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Samsung On Target To Sell One Million Handsets Per Day

Samsung is on track to smash its own target of selling (not shipping) one million mobile phones per day as JK Shin, the company's president of mobile communications and digital imaging, confirms that Samsung is now aiming to sell more than 300 million handsets in 2011 or 820,000 devices per day.

That's a small but significant improvement on the 280 million units sold last year and is likely to result in a higher average selling price as Samsung aims to more than double the proportion of smartphones sold.

JK Shin told the Korean news agency, Yonhap (as reported by Mobilebusinessbriefing) that the company is preparing to "secure components for 1 million handsets every day, which isn't an easy task."

Samsung built its success in the smartphone arena primarily on the Android platform with flagship handsets such as the Galaxy S and the S2 doing particularly well in mature markets such as the US or UK.

The Korean chaebol will also announce a number of new devices at IFA in Berlin in September with Bada-based and Windows Phone models high on the list.

The latest figures show that Samsung - which is the second biggest smartphone manufacturer behind Nokia - has shipped almost 20 million smartphones, nearly twice the amount it declared in the previous quarter.