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UK Government Mulls Consultation on Open Data Initiative

The UK government is planning to launch a consultation on how to go about making government data available to everyone for access.

The consultation is a part of the government’s open data initiative, which will see government data being available to businesses and individuals in the most transparent manner.

Speaking during an event on open data organised by Demos, Tim Kelsey, the government’s director of transparency, said it was important to discuss rather than impose a set of firm rules.

He said that the consultation, which will begin in a couple of weeks, will be a part of the framework of provisions for accessing public data. The government plans to make available massive quantities of public sector data for businesses and individuals to access from a single place.

“There is an enormous economic opportunity with this data. Open government as a whole is the most important lever we've got, and open data is an essential precondition of that,” Kelsey said.

“Evidence is now overwhelming that if you give professionals data that compares their performance, it will improve their performance. We need openness as a point of principle, not as the exception. Transparency should follow the money,” he added.