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3D comes to Google Maps

Google has unveiled its mapping software for Android now has 3D buildings included, for more cities than ever before.

Google Maps 5.0 for Android was released last December, with several new features such as being able to rotate, tilt, zoom in and out of 3D maps – although the 3D skyline and buildings were only viewable for a few different cities, with New York City and Milan being amongst those included.

The Internet searching engine company has now added 11 more major cities, which include Paris, Stockholm, Singapore, Lisbon, Boulder, South Africa, Barcelona and also London.

The image above features the 3D buildings in Google maps, with the Houses of Commons and surrounding areas highlighted in this new dimension that wasn’t viewable beforehand.

No further updating of Google Maps 5.0 is needed to see these 3D buildings, as they will be viewed when the mapping software is downloading when out and about on Android handsets running ‘Éclair’ 2.0 upwards.

It’s worth pointing out that the caching feature for permanently downloading maps to mobile devices will need to be refreshed, as the 3D buildings have only just been made available to the mapping software.

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