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Amazon Hires Gaming Veteran, Plans To Become A Game Developer

Amazon Inc. appears to be willing to enter the video games publishing business as it has recently hired a famous video game developer.

According to tech website Venture Beat, web-based retailer Amazon Inc. has hired veteran social games developer Jonathan Tweet, apparently for a social gaming title, clearly hinting that the company wants to benefit from the social gaming phenomenon.

Known for Dungeons and Dragons and games like Ars Magica, Tweet has confirmed his new position to a gaming website. The news came up after he updated his work status on his LinkedIn profile; however, no comment has been made by Amazon so far.

Tweet is a veteran paper and pencil game designer who has produced noted RPG works. His hiring at Amazon hints at RPG elements in the first gaming title by Amazon Inc. Interestingly, Amazon has not revealed any information about its new and rather unexpected business plan.

The Seattle, Washington-based web retailer has already ventured into avenues different from its core retail business. A few months back, Amazon Inc. launched an AppStore for Android-based smartphones and tablet computers.

It also launched Thomas and Mercer, a mystery book publishing imprint. The company which already produces the popular Kindle tablet, is rumoured to come up with a tablet computer device in the near future.