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AMNews: Lawsuits Worry Vendors in China, Motorola Droid 3 Baseband Chip, Anymode Galaxy Tab 10.1 Cover

A Chinese website has highlighted the growing concern that is affecting smartphone vendors in China and South East Asia over the current legal wrangles affecting the Android platform. China-based 21st Century Business Herald (through Digitimes) says that vendors have come up with three strategies to deal with any potential legal Armageddon that might happen in a near future.

The Motorola Droid 3 has undergone a complete teardown courtesy of iFixit and apart from the fact that it is probably one of the best Android-powered handset with a full QWERTY keyboard, it may also come with the same baseband chip as the iPhone 5.

Samsung is on track to smash its own target of selling (not shipping) one million mobile phones per day as JK Shin, the company's president of mobile communications and digital imaging, confirms that Samsung is now aiming to sell more than 300 million handsets in 2011 or 820000 devices per day.

Based on various reports it seems that Amazon is intending to release a tablet device towards the end of the year, which will see it competing against Apple's indomitable iPad 2. If the most optimistic forecasts about the arrival of Apple's third generation tablet are true, then Amazon could even be running into far sterner opposition. In this case, some might be right to question their decision to enter the tablet arena at all.

It seems like Samsung is trying its best to avoid any fresh controversy in its already troubled relationship with the iPhone maker Apple. New reports have revealed that the Korean electronics giant is desperately trying to keep itself at a distance from the newly unveiled cover for its Galaxy Tab 10.1 by Anymode which also happens to be a clone of the Smart Cover by Apple.

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