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Apple's iPad Now Has 11% Of The PC Market

Released just a little more than a year ago, the iPad has successfully established a new sector within the PC market, as Apple announced 9.25 million tablets sold this quarter, meaning 142% growth year-over-year. During the same quarter, worldwide personal computer sales were 84.4 million, recording only a 2% growth from last year.

Doing the calculations, the iPad seems to currently represent 11% of the PC market, while in January it was equal to 7%, Business Insider reports. If we take into consideration that PC's are also sold on a large scale to businesses, and not only to the consumer market, then the iPad works out to be around 20% of the PC consumer market.

And if we were to compare Apple with other PC vendors, the record sales of iPads and Macs would add up to 13.2 million personal computing devices sold, placing Apple in second place in the world's PC market, being surpassed only by HP, with 15.3 million.

The PC market has a 30 year history and the iPad has only been around for a little more than a year, being mostly dominated by Microsoft's Windows OS.

The well established Windows, however, recorded a drop of 4% in sales over last quarter and there is little chance that things will see a change for the better this quarter.

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