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Apple Presents New Macbook Air Notebooks

Apple finally unveiled its duo of new Macbook Air laptops earlier this morning and both are essentially updates to the existing range of MBA devices which was launched in October 2010.

The fifth generation Macbook Air comes with a choice of three processors that replace the ageing Core 2 Duo processor that had been used in the last three generations of Apple's ultra thin laptops.

For the first time, users will be able to choose either a 32nm Sandy-Bridge Core i5 or i7 processor which was announced back in June 2011. The main highlight of the new update apart from the processor swap is the inclusion of Mac OS X 10.7, otherwise known as Lion.

Another major difference is that Apple has chosen to bypass any discrete graphics chip; since late 2008, Apple has been using an Nvidia based solution in its Macbook Air.

Not everyone will be pleased with the Intel HD Graphics 3000 processor which reduces the overall amount of system memory by up to 384MB. The bigger 13-inch Macbook Air now sports 4GB memory with the storage options remaining the same.

The new Macbook Air is also the first to come with the new Thunderbolt port which was introduced on the Macbook Pro, and is one of the first devices to come with Bluetooth 4.0 which has a much wider range (up to 50m) and consumes the same amount of power as NFC.

Apple is already selling the new MBA range with a delivery time of only 24 hours; as expected the four models on offer cost between £849 and £1349.