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Apple Store shuts up shop ahead of Lion update

In a long-established ritual ahead of the appearance of a new Apple product, the Apple Store has been taken down for refurbishment, as the scene shifters prepare for the launch of the Mac OS 10.7 upgrade, dubbed Lion.

Lion is expected to converge all the best bits of Apple's mobile operating system iOS with the existing Snow Leopard OSX, so expect lots of touch gestures and simplified interfaces, as well as an avalanche of complaints from hard-core users users who don't like the dumbing down.

The 4GB download will cost £21 and, for the first time, it won't come in a box. The updated OS will apparently have to be paired with either a Magic Trackpad or Magic Mouse if you want to play with all of its new bells and whistles.

The fact that the Lion is to rear it head today, on the anniversary of the day on which man first stepped on the moon on July 20th1969, did not escape one bright spark in our comments yesterday. One small step for man, one giant leap for Macolytes...