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Dolphin browser reaches version 6

Popular maker of Android web browser MoboTap has released a new version of the Dolphin browser, in Dolphin HD v6.0 that includes Webzine.

Dolphin is a free web browser only for Android devices that’s been created by an international team of engineers and is now available in 16 different languages, with over 8 million downloads a day and that number is growing daily.

Included in the new browser is the Dolphin Webzine, where web pages are cleanly displayed in a series of thumbnail images that can be instantly scrolled through from a touch interface.

This allows for articles from key websites to be viewed, without the need to actually visit the website and directly from the Dolphin browser’s homepage.

There are hundreds of web and magazine subscriptions to choose from, including the Wall Street Journal, Cosmopolitan to Health and Entertainment – all without any ads to clutter up the screen.

It is also possible to access social networking sites and accounts, from Facebook to Twitter and all within Webzine too.

Dolphin HD v6.0 has also fixed issues with crashing on the Asus EeePad Transformer and the Motorola Xoom tablet, along with the resolution of other crashing issues.

Check out the video below from MoboTap that shows the features of Dolphin HD v6.0.

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