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Droid Bionic Heir To Be Called Dinara, Motorola's Latest iPhone 5 Rival

Rumour has it that Motorola is going to launch another Super phone, one that will take over the Atrix and the Droid Bionic as the company's next super phone.

The Dinara, as it known internally, is set to be launched sometimes towards the end of the year, most probably in winter in the US. The name has been chosen because it refers to a mountain (or a mountain range).

According to Kellex from Droid-Life, the handset will come with a dual core TI SoC, possibly the OMAP4460, with 1GB RAM, a lock button on the side and a non-removable battery like the iPhone 4.

Sources close to the project have confirmed that the phone looks a lot like the Bionic but thinner and lighter. A couple of interesting details; it comes with a bigger screen (and a thinner frame), potentially with a HD screen which could well be 1280x720 pixels rather than 960x540 pixels.

In addition, it is set to have a 13-megapixel camera, the highest pixel count of any camera on the market (but pixels don't mean everything) and a VGA front one (which would be disappointing).

Expect it to still feature Android Gingerbread rather than Ice Cream Sandwich (which it will ultimately carry) and to come with 4G LTE; note that it is currently being tested on Verizon but should be available on other networks as well.