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Facebook And American Express Unite For Deals Scheme

Social networking website Facebook has launched a service in collaboration with American Express offering deals based on people's likes and interests.

According to tech website Cnet, American Express, the largest credit card issuer in the US has revealed that the company will offer discounts to its customers on Facebook, customised to their choices, if the customers in turn allow the bank to go through their status, choices, likes, relationships and so on.

For example, if a user had "Jamie Oliver" as an interest on Facebook, they might see a special offer for the book "Jamie Oliver, Five Minute Meals".

"We're running algorithms to serve you up offers that are relevant based on your likes, your preferences and your friends. You don't have to pre-buy anything, you don't have to print out a coupon,” Edward Gilligan, the vice chairman at the American Express, stated.

Users can link their bank accounts to the new app titled, “Link, Like, Love”, allowing AmEx to enter their lifestyle and develop personalised deals accordingly.

According to the company the new application will greatly simplify the whole process: "American Express will send statement credits to cardmembers’ accounts as they shop online or in stores, without the need to pre-purchase anything, print out or show a coupon at the point of sale."