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Google Books Deal Gets Two More Months from Judge

Internet search giant Google Inc. has been granted two more months to come up with what is supposed to be the largest digital book library till now, without violating any copyright law.

Denny Chin, the US District Court Judge looking into the matter scheduled a new hearing date for the case on September 15. If Google is unable to come up with its own solution to the matter within the given time frame, the Judge said that he would take the matter into his own hands.

"You're not there yet. What is the prognosis? 'm a little bit concerned." the judge reportedly asked Google, The Wall Street Journal reports.

Mr. Chin is the same Judge who caused Google a major setback earlier this year in March when he had rejected a settlement reached by the company with publishers and authors.

"We have been working closely with the authors and publishers to explore a number of options in response to the court's decision. At today's status hearing, we asked the court for more time to discuss those options,” Google reportedly said in an exclusive statement to AFP.

The judge had earlier insisted that Google and the Publisher's Guild should re-negotiate the terms of the deal as they were not resonable and adequate.