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Google Pledges Support For HTC In Apple Patent Battle

Google Inc on Wednesday confirmed that the company will support mobile maker HTC in its fight against Apple Inc over a patent issue.

According to tech website Cnet, Google’s chairman, Eric Schmidt pledged the company's support for the Taiwanese mobile making company HTC in its patent battle against the iPhone developer.

While addressing the Google Mobile Conference in Tokyo on Tuesday, Schmidt revealed its confidence in its key Android partner and stated that it will ultimately win the battle.

"We have seen an explosion of Android devices entering the market and, because of our successes, competitors are responding with lawsuits as they cannot respond through innovations. I'm not too worried about this," Schmidt stated. He also added that the company will help to make sure that HTC does not lose the patent infringement battle.

Google has declined to comment upon how it will aid the Android phone developer, as HTC shares fell to a six month low, simply asserting, "we will make sure they don't lose".

Apple filed a lawsuit against HTC for infringing with two of its patents at the U.S. International Trade Commission.

Market experts believe that Google’s support for HTC is part of a movement to stand united with important Android partners against its biggest rival Apple Inc.