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iOS 4.3.3 Jailbreak Source Code Released

The source code that can jailbreak any Apple devices featuring the iOS version 4.3.3 or lower has been released by Comex.

The news, no doubt, has come as a blessing for the underground geek community as they can happily tweak their iOS devices using the source code, and directly from the website.

According to an analysis by Sogeti ESEC, the developer somehow managed to utilise a crafted PDF file and went on exploiting a loophole in the FreeType library.

Following this, vulnerability in the Kernel itself was exploited, thus enabling it to execute unsigned codes without any difficulties, get root privilege which was then followed by the installation of the actual jailbreak.

That must have demanded some serious skill on the part of the jailbreaker - no doubt about that! But to publish the source code itself on the Web, is like an open invitation for criminals to exploit the loopholes to their own advantages.

Those who do not want their devices to be jailbroken are advised to update their phone to the iOS 4.3.4 as soon as possible, as these vulnerabilities have been fixed in this latest iOS offering.