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Mozilla Formulates Enterprise User Working Group to Address Enterprise Needs

Mozilla has established a Mozilla Enterprise User Working Group (MEUWG), to come with ways to help enterprise users cope with Firfox’s rapid release cycles.

When Mozilla had released Firefox 5 mere weeks after dishing out Firefox 4, several enterprise users had claimed that Mozilla ought to refrain from making rapid Firefox releases for the sake of enterprises, where a considerable amount of time goes into pre-deployment testing before a new browser is rolled out.

To everyone’s surprise, Mozilla coldly brushed off enterprise users and claimed that enterprise was never a focus for Firefox.

Now, Mozilla is back with a dedicated enterprise working group to win back the trust of enterprise users.

Mozilla said in a blog post that it was necessary for the company to adopt a rapid release cycle if it wants to maintain a lead over rivals.

It added that every user was important and that the enterprise working group will work towards coming up with ways to solve the rapid release problem for enterprise users.

“The group will have conversations on the discussion list and during in person meetings as well as during monthly phone meetings,” Mozilla said.

“The monthly meetings will focus on a topic. In the past we’ve discussed topics like add-on management and security. The next meeting we hold will discuss the release cycle and how enterprises can use Firefox in a way that fits into their own testing and release cycles,” it added.