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Nokia Windows Phone Mango Handset Spotted

Yet another set of pictures (and a video) of the forthcoming Sea Ray, Nokia's first Windows Phone handset, has emerged online from what looks like a development factory.

According to WPCentral, the phone will come with a new "7" logo screen that matches the refreshed Metro look of Windows Phone Mango.

Speaking of the latter, it appears that the build which powers the Sea Ray, is the RTM model - build 7710 -, the one that goes to manufacturer and should be, barring any last minute issues, the final one.

The Sea Ray, which appears to be a reworked version of the N9, doesn't appear to have a front facing camera but is likely to stick to the template Microsoft has issued to the rest of the Windows Phone manufacturer's community.

Expect the first handsets to come fairly soon; Fujitsu is already set to launch one (or at least put it on preorder) as early as next month with a slew of other models from Dell, Acer, ZTE, LG, Samsung, Huawei and possibly Sony Ericsson coming to market by the end of the year.

Like Android and Apple's iOS, Microsoft is betting on a rich and vibrant ecosystem to help its platform succeed. Some notable features of Windows Phone include the tight integration with Bing, Office Mobile, Xbox and Windows Live amongst other things.