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Researchers Develop Telex to Trick Web Censors

Researchers have developed a new technology that allows people to trick web censors enabling them to access websites that have been banned by governments.

Countries like China have deployed a web censorship system that denies people from accessing certain websites which the authorities believe might stir them into a revolution.

Chinese internet service providers have set-up black lists, containing a long list websites, including social networking platform. These blacklists deny a user’s request for visiting a banned website.

Telex allows people to trick the ISPs into accessing the banned websites by hiding the request for accessing an ‘illegal’ website within a ‘legal’ one.

Users are required to enter two web addresses. The first one acts as a decoy and is usually a website which is considered harmless by authorities. The second website is the ‘illegal’ one, which they actually want to visit. The second website is hidden in an embedded tag on the header.

“Telex doesn't require active participation from the censored websites, or from the non-censored sites that serve as the apparent connection destinations. However, it does rely on ISPs to deploy Telex stations on network paths between the censor's network and many popular Internet destinations. Widespread ISP deployment might require incentives from governments,” researcher J. Alex Halderman wrote in a blog post. Image courtesy

Ravi Mandalia

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