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Sprint Will Reveal 4G Plans This Autumn, CEO Says

Sprint CEO Dan Hesse has informed during a press conference that the company will be announcing its 4G plans this autumn.

The US wireless carrier was earlier expected to announce it 4G plans this summer but has been held back due to unforeseen delays.

Sprint Nextel was the first among US mobile phone companies to roll out plans for offering 4G wireless connections in the country, partnering with Clearwire to build and manage a Wi-Max network. Sprint has a significant stake in Clearwire but has decided not to acquire the company all out, due to ‘an issue of economics’, Hesse said during the press conference.

Clearwire has been experiencing some financial difficulties that have brought the 4G roll out to a stand still. The delay has caused rivals Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile to surge ahead with their own 4G roll outs.

Hesse pointed out that Sprint was responsible for bringing 4G to the US, claiming that rivals like Verizon would not have moved to LTE quickly if it wasn’t for its Wi-Max technology, Cnet reports.

He also revealed that the company has a back-up plan if the AT&T and T-Mobile merger deal was approved by the Justice Department. “But I don't spent a lot of time on it,” Hesse said.