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US, India Join Forces to Tackle Cyber Crime

India and the US are joining forces to put up a collaborative effort on several fronts including the likes of countering cyber-crimes as well as the project.

This new collaboration between the two countries has come into being during the on-going visit of the US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton to India.

The foundation of the open was laid by the first Chief Information Officer in the US government Vivek Kundara who resigned a couple of months back. The main objective of the project is to make data easily available for general public for reference.

India is also likely to introduce a similar initiative in the foreseeable future. The Indian version of the project - - just like the US version will be coming with the featured information categorised into various classes.

“Government agencies will have restricted access to sensitive data while the rest will be open to the general public. India’s National Knowledge Network, a high-speed network connecting universities across the nation for collaborative research, can be leveraged in providing academic data,” ZDNet reports.

The two countries also agreed to introduce a joint effort in countering cyber-crimes.