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Virgin Media Connects 6.5 Million Homes with Superfast Broadband

Internet broadband service provider Virgin Media has announced that the company is now capable of delivering its super fast broadband service to nearly 6.5 million homes in the United Kingdom.

According to tech website The Inquirer, Virgin Media has achieved a milestone by offering the service to nearly 25 percent of the entire UK. Only a month ago, the company had announced four million users milestone. 2.5 million in a month is a huge achievement for the telephony and broadband service provider.

"Virgin Media has consistently led the greatest developments in broadband in the UK and we're proud to continue this tradition with the roll-out of our 100Mb service." stated Jon James, the executive director of Broadband division in the UK.

The company has a target to connect 13 million homes with its 100 Mbps broadband by the time London Olympics begin. It is an important part of British government’s project to give the UK its fastest broadband service in the entire Europe by 2015.

Virgin Media will charge £35 for its 100 Mbps service if the user has company’s land line phone connection; otherwise users have to pay £45 per month. Virgin Media is also testing its 200 Mbps broadband service across the UK.