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£299 Dell Inspiron Zino HD 410

The Dell Inspiron Zino HD 410 brings along with it a one-stop solution for all your computing and multimedia requirements. It turns your TV to an all-in-one entertainment as well as productivity set up - thanks to the wide range of specs and feature Dell has blessed it with.

The product comes in a really compact design, ensuring than it fits virtually wherever you want it to! It is also equipped with a full featured HTPC, which means portability should never be an issue with the Zino HD 410.

The device is really handy when it comes to surfing the Web and viewing media files directly on your television, from the comfort of your couch. The 500 GB Serial ATA hard drive (7200 rpm) makes sure that you have plenty of storage space to store all your movies, photos or music at one place, with high reliability.

It is powered by the sophisticated AMD Turion II X2 P560 (2.50GHz, 1Mx2) processor, and features Dell Multimedia Wireless Keyboard and Mouse (Black- UK/Irish). Main features are Dell Wireless 1501 Mini Card (802.11g/n), 15 months subscription package from McAfee Security Centre among many others.

The Dell Inspiron Zino HD 410 can be purchased from Dells Warm for £299.00 only.