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Another Worker At Apple's Foxconn Manufacturing Plant Falls To His Death

After many months in which the death toll at Foxconn's Chinese manufacturing plants has not risen, another Chinese worker has apparently jumped to his death at one of the Taiwanese industrial giant's facilities.

The 21-year-old worker jumped from the sixth floor of the factory's dormitory block in Shenzhen.

Workers at Foxconn plants reportedly work six 12-hour shifts a week, 98 hours of overtime in a month, and live in dormitories that look and feel like prison blocks. Foxconn was quick to point out that its latest suicide had only done a couple of hours overtime since joining the company less than a month ago according to thinq_

The company makes gadgets for companies like Apple with workers earning as little as $5 a day churning out expensive toys like the iPad 2 for westerners.

Foxconn has gone to great lengths to clean up its act in the light of a spate of suicides last year, promising to improve working conditions, increase wages, decrease forced overtime and installing nets to catch falling workers.

Despite coming under fire for poor working practices, the suicide rate among Foxconn's 400,000 employees is still lower than the national average.