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ARM Processor Comes to Laptops, iSuppli Predicts 20% Market Share by 2015

ARM processors will be found on 20 percent of all notebook devices shipped in 2015, it has been claimed.

According to market analysis firm IHS iSuppli, the launch of Windows 8 will reshape the landscape of the notebook market as it will be the first OS to support ARM processors. Laptop makers will opt for ARM processors for their products owing to Windows 8 support, low power, low cost and high performance.

The netbook market is currently dominated by AMD's E-series and Intel's Atom and Celeron M processor, which are based on x86 architecture. However, iSuppli’s prediction indicates that AMD and Intel are in for a beating.

Almost every Smartphone out there is powered by an ARM processor. Intel has remained absent from the Smartphone and tablet market, something which is going to cost it dearly in the future.

“ARM is well suited for value notebooks, where performance isn't a key criterion for buyers. Value notebook buyers are looking for basic systems that balance an affordable price with reasonable performance. ARM processors deliver acceptable performance at a very low cost, along with unrivalled power efficience,” Matthew Wilkins of iSuppli said.