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British Blogger Discovers How To Remove Any Site From Google Search Results

A British blogger has accidental discovered a way of removing any site from the Google search registry effectively making it disappear from the Internet.

James Breckenridge of Romsey in Kent said that he was trying out Google's Webmaster Tools and had built a Chrome extension to remove his unwanted URLs more quickly.

"I made a little mistake and accidentally removed a URL of a website I have no relation to,' he said. "I was stunned it could be that easy. Surely there was no way Google would actually remove the page, right?"

But it looks like he could remove pages, and from any web site in the world, so he posted a how to on his blog which has caused a bit of a storm, according to thinq_

A number of other people found Breckenridge's blog, which he said he only posted in order to alert Google to the problem having failed to contact them through the normal channels, and started wiping out web sites willy nilly.

Google has since said that it has been made aware of the problem, is investigating the flaw, and has temporarily disabled the ability to delete URLs from the registry as a precaution.