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Google Enables Multiple Calls In Gmail

Google has started rolling out new updates to its Voice service, allowing users to make multiple calls simultaneously from within Gmail.

According to tech website Mashable, the Mountain View, California-based software giant has updated its Google Voice service allowing its users to make and receive multiple calls at one time, on a single Gmail account.

While the new feature is active for all voice, video and phone calls, there is a limitation of a maximum of only two outgoing calls to physical phones at any given time. Presumably, the number of incoming calls from 'physical' phones is irrelevant.

“If you’re in a call and make a second one, your first call will be put on hold while you talk on your new call. You can switch between calls by pressing the “Resume” button on the call you want to talk on, which will automatically put the previous call on hold,” Richard Dunn, a software engineer at Google Voice wrote in an official blog post.

The new feature activates the call waiting system with which a notification will flare up on the screen informing about an incoming call. Users can accept or reject the call.

Google Inc has made its Voice and Call service available for free in the United States and Canada, at least for 2011. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.