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Google Introduces Credit Card For Advertising Clients

Android maker Google is offering a credit card for select US based online advertisers for flexible spending as the competition in the advertising business heats up.

According to an article on Reuters, the company claims that the credit card comes with a competitive interest rate, increased credit limits and no yearly fees.

The AdWords Business credit card is aimed particularly at small and medium businesses, which sometimes don’t have the resources to launch a massive ad campaign ahead of a major sale season.

Vendor financing is something Google is new to, but experts believe that this is the right way to go as financing helps vendors spend more on search ads when in need. Google relies heavily on online advertisements for its revenue and perhaps a credit card will allow businesses to increase their spending.

“They are resource-constrained and they are often cash flow-strapped,” Google vice president of global online sales Claire Johnson told Reuters. “Many of them are trying to grow a business without the kind of means that, say, your classic company has.”

The company is in the process of sending out email invitations to a select few customers and will initially offer the credit cards for beta testing before a mass roll-out. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.